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Living in their old.

More #11 Stupid newbie mistakes in porn m Want to learn about some of the funniest/stupidest porn newbie mistakes adult couple, Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara, witnessed on and off porn sets?

More #10 Squirting, is it pee or not?

M The never ending debate about whether squirting is pee or not continues.

Well, what is it?

Can we finally get to the bottom.

More #9 What does a porn couple do when they are alone?

M You know exactly what they do in front of the lens and you also know a thing or two about.

More, kayden: Why dont girls in this industry ever use their safe words?

Manuel: I have a safe word.

#8 Safe words in porn m We are all very well aware of pornstars.

More #7 When a porn star tries to get insurance m Due to buying a house and because of their adorable baby girl, Kayden Kross tries to get life insurance policy on herself.

More, kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara do know how to make neighbors feel weird.

#6 Kayden and Manuels new neighbors m And then you get new neighbors, just in time when you are.

More #5 Kayden and her very awkward massage m Ever been in a situation when things got slightly awkward at your massage studio?

You did not know whether you got propositioned or rejected.

More, this is the way talents meet on porn sets.
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