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Pantyhose tube

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Pantyhose tube
tiny, precious item?

If not, count yourself among the lucky few.

Should you ever be faced with this situation, try this: Cut a leg off an old pair of pantyhose, make sure the toe section is intact, and pull it up over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner hose.

(If you want additional security, you can even cut off the other leg and slip that over as well.) Secure the stocking in place with a tightly wound rubber band.

Turn on the vacuum, carefully move the nozzle over the carpet, and youll soon find your lost valuable attached to the pantyhose filter.

Vacuum your fish tank, if you have a wet-dry shop vacuum, you can change the water in your fish tank without disturbing the gravel and tank accessories.

(Youll still have to relocate the fish, of course.) Just pull the foot of an old nylon stocking over the end of the vacuums nozzle, secure it with a rubber band, and you are ready to suck out the water.

Bring out the shine in your freshly polished shoes by buffing them with a medium-length strip of pantyhose.
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