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safe environment.

Play is vital to childrens growth and development and Magic Kinder is designed to deliver learning opportunities through fun and engaging content.

Magic Kinder is completely free!

There are no ads, no subscription required and no in-app purchases.

And we help parents too!

Magic Kinder also contains videos and activities to help you make the most of your time with your children.

The application does not include any reference to Kinder chocolate products.

The app includes the following content and features: world OF fantasy Once, the magic inhabitants happily lived and played together in the beautiful lands of the world of fantasy.

Now they are stuck in the real world and need your help to return home.

Embark on a fantastic adventure together with your child and bring back the magic inhabitants by completing fun and educational challenges featuring an outstanding augmented reality experience.

Challenges can be accessed by scanning QR codes or through the magic bubbles scattered around the world of fantasy.

All challenges have been designed with learning in mind and include games such as: - Word spelling - Pick the color - Math operations, and much more, kIDS room.

A safe and playful space designed to deliver creative and learning moments to kid through fun and engaging content.

Among the many activities you can do with your child, you will find: watch video, videos include tutorials to do together as a family, cartoons, stop motion episodes, documentaries and more.

Some of the activities include: - Karaoke Style Sing and dance along videos - Recipe and crafting tutorials to do together with your children dedicated to different festivities around the world like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, Ramadan.

An array of drawing activities designed to be fun and playful while focusing on various skills development such as creativity, attention and motor skills.

Animated drawing: This functionality enables children to see their colored characters in 3D and interact with them.

They will also repeat what your child says.

Free drawing: Give space to kids creativity drawing on a blank canvas.

Guided drawing: Create your drawing one bush stroke at a time following the app guidance.

Physics drawing: This activity allows kids to draw geometric shapes and interact with them.
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