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in her home and under the care of two male nurses, identified as Russel Toralba and Alfredo Ruiz, when the alleged sexual activity was performed.

In classical antiquity, writers such as, herodotus, 1, plato, 2, xenophon,.

Athenaeus 4 and many others explored aspects of homosexuality in Greece.

The most widespread and socially significant form of same-sex sexual relations in ancient Greece was between adult men and pubescent or adolescent boys, known as pederasty (marriages in Ancient Greece between men and women were also age structured, with.

5, though sexual relationships between adult men did exist, at least one member of each of these relationships flouted social conventions by assuming a passive sexual role.

It is unclear how such relations between women were regarded in the general society, but examples do exist as far back as the time.

6, the ancient Greeks did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier as modern Western societies have done.

Greek society did not distinguish sexual desire or behavior by the gender of the participants, but rather by the role that each participant played in the sex act, that of active penetrator or passive penetrated.

6, this active/passive polarization corresponded with dominant and submissive social roles: the active (penetrative) role was associated with masculinity, higher social status, and adulthood, while the passive role was associated with femininity, lower social status, and youth.

6, contents, pederasty edit, main article: Pederasty in ancient Greece, the most common form of same-sex relationships between males in Greece was paiderastia (pederasty meaning "boy love".

It was a relationship between an older male and an adolescent youth.

A boy was considered a "boy" until he was able to grow a full beard.

In Athens the older man was called erastes.

He was to educate, protect, love, and provide a role model for his eromenos, whose reward for him lay in his beauty, youth, and promise.
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