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you to Pacific Grid, our new favorite grid-based theme.

Between the unique post viewer and extended customization options we can't wait to see what you do with the theme!

Theme Overview, full-screen header profile for yourself, blog or business.

Change the position of your header profile.

Grid layout with quick reblog and like buttons.

Post overlay to quickly view your posts from the grid.

Extended color controls to make the color scheme your own.

Built in support for Tumblr's font library.

Comments powered by Disqus, google Analytics ready, popular social icons.

We want to make sure you have everything you need to show off your genius with our fresh designs.

If you have a question about a feature, need a recommendation, stumped on a basic CSS tweak or simply want to say hello email us at or shoot a tweet to @stylehatch, header Profile, the full-screen header on Pacific.

You can upload a picture of yourself in the background, add a logo, customize your description, and add social links.

Post Viewer, clicking on a post in the grid will instantly overlay the full post with notes, comments and post details.

To quickly go between your posts you can click on the next and previous links or hit "j" and "k" on the keyboard.

Social Features, the theme has built in support for group blogs, sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google, comments by Disqus, and sites you follow.

In the Appearances options youll also find a variety of the most popular social profile icon links.
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