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an impulse to remain mobile, fluid, to changesurroundings." - Anais Nin from the Diary of Anais Nin Vol.

I dream of my escape.

From the center of Stewart Elementarysbaseball field, our physical education coach waves me farther into theoutfield with exaggerated hand movements.

"More left he yells."Further back." Its a position that may get a lot of action onSportCenter, but the fifth grade recess outfield grants me a cherishedtime-out.

With the temperature topping one hundred degrees, my goal isto move as little as possible.

If only I had a pocket-sized bedroom Icould snap together like a plastic Playskool shed.

A refuge I couldbring with me anywhere.

There is an entire culture of people who must have had the same dream:a group for whom the need to be home is pressing; yet the thought of aSuper Wal-Mart cul-de-sac community is a nightmare.

A mobile homeshould be, by definition, mobile.

If mobility involves cutting yourhouse in half, removing its contents like pieces in a dollhouse, andpropping it up on a semi truck with a "caution wide load" sign, howmobile is it?

What we refer to as "Mobile Homes" in America should berenamed Manufactured Homes or even Non-Permanent Homes.

The mobilehomes Im interested in are truly mobile.

They allow owners to changetheir view given a stretch of road and an afternoon.

"When you live in a RV, youre always home writes a woman who claimsher recreational vehicle as her permanent residence.

With moreamenities than some apartments, the plushest of recreational vehiclescan include separate living, dining, bathing and sleeping areas, awasher and dryer, central heat and air, a refrigerator and evensatellite television.
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