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Sexy films tamil
interests doing movies without glomour role.

Sneha worked with all top actors in Kollywood and Tollywood.

In 2009, Sneha was worked with Prasanna in a Tamil movie "Achchamundu!

Achchamundu!" in first time.

Since then, a rumor was speaded all over the media, Sneha and prasanna have a romantic relationship.

However, her modeling shows Prasanna was always in and they are spotted together in movie Previews and both of them refused that was rumour and later Prasanna agree his romantic relationship with sneha and  announced, "Yes.

Sneha and I decided to marry soon with the blessings of our parents.

The engagement will be announced later.

Some Media has mentioned that our marriage would be in March 2012.

There is no truth in that report.

We have planned to announce our marriage date properly later.

Till then, please wait and thanks for all!" in November 9, 2011.

In November 16, 2011, Sneha was acknowledged the same.

They got married on May 11, 2012 in Chennai and planned to go to NewZealand for honeymoon.

Both of them unable to go for honeymoon immediately after their marriage, since Sneha had to shoot for her upcoming film Haridas.

They planned, A couple of weeks ago, they are got some time and left for New Zealand.
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